Meeting  Your  Needs  With  Competence

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company


Welcome to Allied Precision!!


We are engaged in the production of Hot Steel Forging &

Aluminum Casting with Precision Machining.



ISO Certified



Facilities consist of drop and Counter Blow Hammer, Hydraulic & Mechanical Forging Presses, Normalizing Furnaces and Shot Blasting Machines. fully supported with Die making facilities to produce forgings from 0.35kg to 29k.



Die casting:

APEP houses 6 cold chamber High Pressure Die Casting Machines with locking force varying from 250 tons to 660 tons. This range enables us to manufacture castings weighting from few grams to 6kg.




The works facility consists of variety of conventional and CNC machine tools capable of performing various machining operations such as turning, planning, milling, drilling, jig boring, thread grinding, shaping  and broaching to the close tolerances specified in the design.


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